Room rental (flat-shared room) $150.00+/week
Room rental (flat-single room) $200.00+/week
Backpackers (dorm, share) $25.00 – $30.00/night


Get your GoCard from the airport, the kiosk at O’Connells, or your bus driver.

It’s $5 for the card and $10 minimum top up.  Top ups on – bus (cash) or anywhere GoCards are sold.

$2 with GoCard, to go anywhere, with a free transfer within 30 minutes.

$5 with cash, to go anywhere except the airport – cash fares starting or finishing at the airport $10.  No free transfer with cash.

Meals & Drinks:

Lunch (restaurant) From $10.00
Dinner (restaurant) From $30.00
A cup of coffee (café) From $4.00
Big Mac Meal Around $12.00
A glass of beer (bar) $5.00 – $10.00


Milk (1L) $2.50
Bread (700g) $2.50
Eggs $3.50-/dozen
Coke $1.30/can
Apples $3.00-/kg
Chicken Breast $20.00-/kg
Lamb chop $20.00-/kg
Beef steak $20.00-/kg
Cheese (750g) $7.50
Instant noodle $1.00


Scenic boat ride $57.00
Gondola ride $32.00
Bungy Jump From $195.00
Ski/Snowboard lift ticket From $100.00
Spectacular mountain view FREE!


Library FREE
Movie $15.00 – $20.00
Game of pool $2.00
Gym (weekly) $20.00 – 30.00
Postage (domestic) $0.80 (medium letter) / $2.40- (large letter)
Postage (international) $2.50 (medium letter) / $5.40- (large letter)

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